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Need more space of storage for your data and video?
You can choose DVD-R/DVD-ROM Replication. We provide you the highest quality DVD products with a very competitive price and various packaging solutions. The storage capacity of our DVD products is from 4.7 to 9.4 Gigabytes. It can provide you a stable and reliable format for data storage, video recording and more.

Besides DVD replication, we provide DVD-R/+R with 2 Color silkscreen printing. All information on the DVD-R/+R is permanently recorded, i.e. the DVD-R/+R can only be recorded once, and cannot be altered or erased.

We provide the following DVD formats:

DVD-5 ROM, 120mm
4C silkscreen, Single-sided, Single layer
4.7GB / 120min
DVD-9 ROM, 120mm
4C silkscreen, Single-sided, Double layer
DVD-10 ROM, 120mm
4C silkscreen, Double-sided, Single layer
DVD-R/+R, 120mm
2C silkscreen

Price Information:  

1,000 pcs
3,000 pcs
5,000 pcs
DVD-5 ROM, 120mm
4.7GB, 4C silkscreen

(Above price express in U.S. Dollars. Price are for reference only. Shipment charges not included.)

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For more price information, please contact us.

With our DVD products, you can have more storage capacity for content.